What Is DiscipleLife?

DiscipleLife is an online tool to help you get involved in ministry and the life of the parish here at St. Peter's. You can engage with your small group, register for classes, subscribe to a church calendar customized for you, and update your profile with your spiritual gifts, passions and abilities to find exciting opportunities to serve.


The First Time You Log In

Update Your Profile Information

  • Upload a Picture
  • Tell Us Your Birthday
  • Mark Your Spiritual Gifts, Passions, and Abilities
  • Check Your Contact Info
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Engaging with Your Small Group

Small groups can engage in DiscipleLife by messaging with each other, scheduling their meetings, and creating sign-up lists of needs for pot-lucks, volunteer days, or other events.


Your Personal Calendar

You can view a customized calendar that has church events and meetings for ministries you are involved in. You can also see your a calendar of events for your whole family, and a church-wide calendar of public events. Any of these can be pushed to your Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, or Outlook account. Just click Subscribe at the bottom of the calendar in DiscipleLife. Here's a video to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to DiscipleLife?

DiscipleLife is restricted to St. Peter's parishioners. It is not a public system like Facebook and so our staff is able to control who can create accounts.

How can I check and update my privacy settings?

You can determine who can see any of your information. When you log-in click on your name in the upper-right hand corner. Select Edit Privacy Settings. Be sure to click Save! Here's  a video on how to update your privacy settings.

Who can see my kids' information?

All children under the age of 11 are unlisted in DiscipeLife. This means only staff and appropriate lay leaders can even see their names. Everyone else in your family will be listed by at least their name. You have the ability to customize each family member's privacy settings as you would like.

Can I edit my spouse and children's profile information?

Yes! This will make setting up your whole family's profile very quick. Just log-in and select each person's profile (they are listed as family members on your own profile). Then from their profile click "Edit Profile" to update their information. Here's a video on editing your family's information.

I did not receive an invitation email. What should I do?

Request a login here. If you are told that an account for you already exists and you still don't receive an email, you may need to check your junk/spam folder and "white-list" DiscipleLife in your personal email account. Here's an article on how to do that.

Our small group is not listed in DiscipeLife. How can we have our group created?

Request your group to be entered in the system here so you can message each other, create sign-up lists, and other great stuff!

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions or need help, submit this help form and we'll follow up with you soon!