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When I was a teen, I was determined to be the next big-name skater. The problem was, I was truly awful. I spent more time on my backside than I did on my feet. One of the biggest hurdles was commitment. My fear held me back and caused me to stumble. What’s the thing holding you back from being fully committed to Jesus? Maybe it’s doubt, or shame, or a secret addiction. Perhaps it’s pride, or being too busy for Jesus. Whatever it is, let’s conquer that hurdle together and commit to Jesus. We have lots of cool things planned this Spring. At the heart of it all is our desire to help every student draw closer to Christ. Whether we’re playing goofy games, hanging out on the lawn, having a party, or studying the bible, we do it all with the intention of helping you on your fath Journey. But, we can’t help you unless you’re willing to help yourself. That starts with commitment.

In Christ,
Fr. Chase +
Associate Rector for Family Ministries

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