From Bible study to fellowship, there are many opportunities for the women of St. Peter’s to get to know, love, and encourage each other, while growing in our Christian faith.

Daughters of the Holy Cross (DHC)

Meets the First Tuesday of each month
6:00-7:30pm (preceded by optional Evening Prayer at 5:25)
Contact Tricia Evans (363-3942)

The Order of the Daughters of the Holy Cross is a religious society within the Anglican Church in North America. Currently, St. Peter's chapter includes over 50 women dedicated to the intentional living out of their baptismal vows through a commitment to prayer, service, study, and evangelism. They meet regularly for worship, teaching, and fellowship. All women of the parish are invited to become involved to see if the Lord is calling them to become a Daughter of the Holy Cross too!

The Daughters of the Holy Cross is a women’s religious order, founded in 2009 as a ministry within the Anglican Church in North America. There are chapters in the United States and Canada. Trinity Chapter, at St. Peter's, has over 50 women who have been called by the Lord to live out their lives as Christians very intentionally, and each has publicly made a life-long vow of prayer, service, study, and evangelism. For more information on the national organization, visit

It is important to realize that a religious order is much more than an organization. Members of the Daughters of the Holy Cross do not decide themselves that they want to be members; rather, they are called into the Order by The Lord Jesus Christ, whose cross they wear. Candidates undergo a minimum of three months in prayer, study and discernment under a mentor to test and confirm the call. When a woman is sure of her calling, she vows to live by her own personalized Rule of Life. This Rule of Life encompasses four parts:

  • Prayer - praying daily for the spread of Christ’s Kingdom; for God’s blessing upon members of the Order; for the clergy; the spiritual growth of the parish or mission to which she belongs; and for those in need.
  • Service - seeking daily to do the will of God by using God-given talents in His service, for our church, and for others.
  • Study - taking part in the regular study of God’s Word in order to gain wisdom, understanding, discernment and strength.
  • Evangelism - making a conscientious effort to bring others into a personal relationship with Christ through words and deeds.
Through prayer, study, service and evangelism, with like-minded women to support them, Daughters find their minds and hearts turning from self to God. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact Tricia Evans, President at

Mary & Martha Circle -- The 'M&M's

Second Monday of the Month
Check the Keys for location
The Mary Martha Circle began at St. Peter's Anglican Church in Tallahassee in 2006. We are a diverse group of women of all ages and backgrounds who share a commitment to Jesus Christ, our Church, our community and to each other.

Better known as the “M&M’s”, the Mary & Martha Circle’s monthly program reflects either our “Mary” (worship) side or our “Martha” (service) side. The main service projects are serving lemonade and coffee between services; supporting our seminarians financially through the Annual Fall Auction; Altar Flowers on Mother’s Day; hosting The Christmas Brunch; and supporting other charitable projects as funds allow.

The “M&M’s” invite all women of the church to join in. Annual membership dues of $25 go toward funding all the projects, making a tithe to the church, and setting aside 10% for special projects as the need arises. Fellowship and friendships are a treasured part of being part of this group of women. Please join us! To join and/or for more information, contact Astrid Reynolds at

Sisters of the Heart

Last Tuesday of Every Month
6:00-8:00 pm
Check the Keys for location
Contact: Edna Owens (222-5099
All single, adult ladies of St. Peter’s are invited for “Dutch treat” appetizers and drinks. The goal is to build a network of Sisters of the Heart for the times when fun, understanding, and compassion are in order. The last Tuesday of each month will be “sister time!”