Who We Are

St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral is a member of the world-wide Anglican Communion and is a founding church in the Anglican Church in North America. We are Christians in this classical tradition, taking seriously both the authority of Holy Scripture and the uniqueness of the person of Christ.

For more information on our Doctrinal beliefs, visit the Theological Statement of the Gulf Atlantic Diocese.

The Four Avenues of Discipleship

St. Peter’s mission is that all would be equipped, nurtured, and sent out to be Christ’s disciples in the world. We don’t believe that this mission will be fully realized in this life; rather, it is a continual process of growth, personal commitment, and transformation by God’s grace informed by Holy Scripture.

For this reason, St. Peter’s understands everything we do - all of our ministries, events, programs, and groups - as different “avenues” leading to growth in specific ways. Overall, the ministries of St. Peter’s fall into four different “avenues” of discipleship: Worship, Formation, Community, and Outreach.

When you navigate our website you will find that it is divided into these four avenues. Within each section you will find the ministries, events, programs, and groups committed to growth in that area. Some of those opportunities will be parish-wide and apply to all, while others will be specific to newcomers, children, youth, adults, or otherwise.

We believe that through God’s Word, through our personal commitments to Him and His church, and ultimately by His Grace, we might grow together as His disciples in the world. If you have never been to St. Peter’s, we invite you to look through our site, contact us with questions, and visit us on Sunday or at any of our upcoming events.

Read More about the Four Avenues here.

Our Worship Services

All of our worship services are based on the Book of Common Prayer. This book is used every day by the 85 million+ members of the global Anglican communion. It provides prayers, scripture readings, and a frameworks for our worship life. Regardless of the day of the week, our worship will reflect the global life of the Anglican Church today, but also remain true to the most ancient traditions of the Church.

All three of our Sunday worship services have the same framework, with the intention always being twofold: (1) to hear God’s truth proclaimed in the reading and preaching of Scriptural truth and (2) to receive the holy Sacrament of the Eucharist.

The primary difference you will find between our services will be in musical worship. In the morning services (9 and 11:15am), musical worship is led by a large choir and organ that leads from the Anglican Hymnody, as well as drawing from other classical and contemporary Church traditions. The music in these services is true to what is expected of cathedral worship: it seeks to point us to the wideness, vibrancy, and majesty of God’s glory. Our 5pm service is a more contemplative service with a smaller ensemble that leads both from classical and contemporary traditions.