Pledging & Tithing

At St. Peter's, we know that financial stewardship is an important component of a balanced spiritual life. Returning to God from that which He has given us is a tangible way to express our faith. When each of us gives as we are able, together we fund ministry within our parish, to the Tallahassee community, and to the world.

What is a Pledge?

A pledge is an estimate of giving; some call it a statement of intent.

Why should I Pledge?

Pledging allows you to make intentional decisions about your financial giving. When you plan ahead for your giving, you make conscious choices about spending your money in ways that reflect your faith and values.
Receiving your pledge allows our Vestry, Finance Committee, and Staff to plan wisely to use our resources in support of the

ministry God has called us to. The Vestry sets a budget on the total amount pledged to the church. While regular giving that
is not pledged is important to the parish, your pledge lets the Vestry plan more accurately for the ministry we can accomplish.

How much should I pledge?

Determining the amount of your annual pledge is between you and God. The church does offer some guidelines to assist you as you make this important decision.

What is Proportionate giving?

Proportionate giving is basing your pledge amount on a percentage of your income.

What is a Tithe?

A tithe is 10% of your income. A tithe may sound like an unattainable goal, but if you start
with a certain proportion of your income and increase the percentage each year, you will be tithing in a short
time. You could start with 2 1/2%, which is equivalent to pledging the first hour's pay of a 40-hour work week.
Maybe the next year you can go to 5%, maybe you need to start at 1%, and increase by 1% each year. Where you
start on your annual income is not as important as simply making the pledge and working towards an overall goal of tithing at some point in the future.


If you have questions about financial stewardship or tithing in the scripture, your clergy are happy to talk with you. Please call 701-0664 ext. 103 for an appointment. If you have questions about the process, electronic giving options or anything financial please contact our Financial Administrator at 701-0664 ext. 104 or