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January 30–April 10 (unless otherwise noted)
Dinner – 5:00pm | Classes – 6:15-7:30pm

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Below are the classes being offered during the Spring 2019 semester. Click on class title to read description.
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Are You a Martyr?: The Examples and Our Christian Life as Witnesses

Led by Fr. Sudduth Cummings | March 27–April 10

In three sessions, we will examine those servants of God who suffered and gave their lives for the sake of Christ and the Faith in Scripture, Church history, and more recently. In these people, we will see examples of serving the Lord as faithful witnesses from which we can draw inspiration and instruction.

The Christian Worldview

Led by Dr. Bill Applegate

This class will involve an effort to compare and contrast the worldview held by Christians and that held by modern secular culture. Using readings from Alister McGrath’s Surprised By Meaning and Dallas Willard’s Knowing Christ Today, we will look at Christian and secular views of important issues such as the relation between religion and science, the validity of different kinds of knowledge, and the implications of how we view these fundamental issues for how we live our lives. Copies of Surprised By Meaning and Knowing Christ Today will be available in St. Peter’s Bookstore.

Learning Theology From the Church Fathers

Led by Fr. Michael Petty | January 30–February 27

The Church Fathers confronted and addressed some fundamental issues and questions: What does it mean to say that Christ is both divine and human? When we speak of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, what do we mean? Does God providentially govern human history? What is holy about Holy Scripture and how should it be interpreted? What is the Church? What do we mean by the resurrection of the body? This class will explore the answers that the Church Fathers gave to these questions and will try to show how these figures remain guides for us today. The textbook for this class is Christopher Hall’s Learning Theology With The Church Fathers which is available in St. Peter’s Bookstore.

Lent Study: The Screwtape Letters

Led by Fr. Michael Petty | March 13–April 10

The Screwtape Letters helped to make C. S. Lewis famous. The book consists of a series of letters written by a senior devil (Screwtape) to a junior devil (Wormwood) and the subject of each letter is how to undermine the Christian faith. Screwtape knows human nature well and how its faults, weaknesses, and anxieties can be turned against it. In these letters, C. S. Lewis wants us to see how the Enemy works so that we can be on guard. The book is a mixture of deep theology, spiritual insight, and humor. Copies of The Screwtape Letters will be available in St. Peter’s Bookstore.

Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Led by Dr. Mike Ford

In this class we will explore the great theological themes explicated by Paul in his letter to the Romans. The letter will be explored for both its spiritual and intellection/theological dimensions. Leon Morris’s book The Epistle to the Romans will serve as the textbook for the class and will be available in St. Peter’s Bookstore.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart

Led by Richard Lynes and Hope Carrasquilla

In this class we will be reading Ted Trip’s book Shepherding a Child’s Heart. The book was written for parents so that their children might know the ways of God. This is a wonderful book that teaches parents what your goal should be and how to pursue this in practical ways. It teaches parents to talk to their children and what to talk about. The book is biblically framed and a helpful resource for parenting. Shepherding a Child’s Heart will be available in St. Peter’s Bookstore.

Sovereignty, Suffering and Solace

Led by Ken Mayo and Ben Munroe | March 27–April 10

Sovereignty, suffering, and solace are significant theological concepts which are at the heart of Christian living. In this three-week class, we will examine each concept and how they are related. Participants will see how our sovereign God leads us through suffering that we would not choose and allows us to find purpose in it as well as supplying solace to us.

Surprised by Hope: Heaven, the Resurrection, & the Mission of the Church

Led by Dr. Budd Kneip

This class will explore one of the central realities of the Christian faith: hope. Hope in the New Testament is grounded on the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. After looking at what the New Testament teaches about Jesus’ resurrection, the class will consider how New Testament writers trace out the implications of hope for the Christian life. Based on N. T. Wright’s book Surprised by Hope, this class will help you to see that how we live now depends greatly upon what we think the future will bring. Surprised by Hope will be available in St. Peter’s Bookstore.

Your Bible: The Adventure Begins

Led by Cait Schultz | January 30–March 20

This seven-week class offers a basic introduction to the Bible for those who want to begin the journey of acquiring greater familiarity with it. Each session will focus on answering a question: What is the Bible? How did the Bible come to be? What is the Old Testament about? What is the New Testament about? How has the Bible been preserved and handed on? How should we study the Bible? What is the place of the Bible in our lives? The class will make use of a workbook which will be available in St. Peter’s Bookstore.