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Wednesday Night Classes

September 12 – November 14 (unless otherwise noted)
Dinner – 5:00pm | Classes – 6:15-7:30pm

Below are the classes being offered during the Fall 2018 semester.


The Beginning of Everything
Led by Fr. Sudduth Cummings

The Bible is a theological unity, and the subject of its first book is God as He creates, judges, delivers, renews, protects, and promises. Everything which follows in Scripture begins in Genesis. Understanding Genesis is the key to understanding all of the sweep of God’s action and revelation that we read of in Scripture.


Christ, Grace, and Character
Led by Fr. Michael Petty

According to the New Testament, Christianity is fundamentally about character formation, about God reshaping who we are as human beings. Through the Holy Spirit, God conforms our character to Christ, and this is the foundation of discipleship. Using N. T. Wright’s book, After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters, we will explore the New Testament’s vision for Christian character formation, touching on such themes as God’s call to us, the purpose of the Church’s mission, how the Spirit transforms our character, the centrality of worship, life in community and the gifts of the Spirit. After You Believe will be available in St. Peter’s Bookstore.

September 19, 26; October 3, 17, 31; November 14


Fill These Hearts
Led by Dr. Jennifer Lynes
& Caitlyn Schultz

Is there hope that we can satisfy our deepest desire for happiness, for lasting fulfillment? We all try to satisfy this longing with something - food, work, hobbies, family, experiences, drugs, etc. This class will be based on Christopher West’s book, Fill These Hearts. West proposes that the deep yearning we all feel in our bodies and spirits reveals the cry of our hearts for God. Join us as we explore how this desire for more is part of God’s design for us and how following this desire will lead us to our destiny - union with God. Fill These Hearts will be available in St. Peter’s Bookstore.



The Liturgical Year
Led by Matthew Christovich

This 5-week class will offer participants a tour of the Church’s liturgical calendar from Advent through Pentecost. By looking at the liturgical year, its celebrations, colors, and the meaning of each season, participants will discover how to keep time with the Gospel and inhabit God’s story. The liturgical year gives us a key insight: All time belongs to God!

September 12–October 10


Seeking the Secret Place
Led by Brian Bailey

C. S. Lewis is perhaps the most famous apologist of the 20th century. While his works have broad ecumenical appeal, few understand or appreciate the impact that his Anglicanism had on his own spiritual formation. This class will examine how Lewis’ deepening attraction to Anglican devotional practices, his use of the Book of Common Prayer and the Daily Office grounded and nourished his faith, allowing him to bless the lives of others. Seeking the Secret Place: The Spiritual Formation of C. S. Lewis, by Lyle Dorsett, will be the textbook for this class and can be purchased in St. Peter’s Bookstore.


Work and Vocation
Led by Cliff Nilson

We were created by God to work. If God has called us to work, what makes the work we do good? Are there kinds of work that are more pleasing to God than others? How is our work connected to the Gospel? Using Tim Keller’s book, Every Good Endeavor, we will explore these questions as we look at work and vocation in the context of God’s calling. Every Good Endeavor will be available in St. Peter’s Bookstore.



This class focuses on the basics of Anglican history, theology, and worship. Using Thomas McKenzie’s book, The Anglican Way, as a guide, the class will consider Anglicanism by looking at four important topics: the Anglican Character, the Anglican Way (spirituality), the Eucharist, and frequently-asked questions. The Anglican Way will be available in St. Peter’s Bookstore.

October 17–November 14


Christianity is a surprising religion which has changed the world in remarkable ways. However, we have in many ways replaced the habits that surprised the world with habits which simply mimic it. Using Michael Frost’s book, Surprise the World, this class will focus on developing five habits that will allow people to become Christ’s servants in the world: (1) Blessing others. (2) Eating together. (3) Listening to the Spirit. (4) Learning Christ. (5) Understanding yourself as being sent by God into the lives of others. Surprise the World will be available in St. Peter’s Bookstore.

September 12; October 10, 24; November 7