Wednesday Night Classes

June 6–July 25
Dinner – 5:00pm | Classes – 6:15-7:30pm

Below are the classes being offered during the Summer 2018 semester. Click on class title to read description.
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A Brief History of the Anglican Tradition | Led by Adam Gadomski, Charles Simeon Fellow

This class will offer a brief history of the Anglican tradition by focusing on some of the people whose lives, theology, preaching and teaching have shaped it. Over the course of the class, we will look at some early missionaries (like St. Alban), some figures from the middle ages (like St. Augustine of Canterbury), some Caroline Divines (like Lancelot Andrewes), some figures from the 19th Century (like Edward Pusey and J. C. Ryle) and figures from the 20th Century (like C. S. Lewis).

Christian Spirituality: Theology and Practice | Led by Todd Rankin, Charles Simeon Fellow

This class will focus on some of the greatest practitioners of Christian spirituality in the history of the Church. Each session will focus on one figure and one or two brief selections from his or her writings. The goal of the class is to help participants create a rule of life that will advance their spiritual formation. The class will also focus on using The Book of Common Prayer as a resource for spiritual formation.

Mom to Mom | Led by Alice Sanderson

Mom to Mom is an intergenerational class in which older and younger moms share wisdom and offer encouragement. During the summer, the class will focus on J. C. Ryle’s The Duties of Parents. From this book, participants will gain wisdom and insight into godly parenting.

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit | Led by Fr. Michael Petty

This class will offer a full theology of the Holy Spirit, focusing in the Spirit’s identity as the Third Person of the Trinity and his work in relation to the other two Persons. After placing the Holy Spirit in the context of God’s self-revelation as the Triune God, the class will reflect upon the Spirit’s work in creation, providence, salvation history, the sacraments, the Church, sanctification and salvation.

Proclaiming God’s Story in Word and Deed | Led by David Zamora, Charles Simeon Fellow

The purpose of this class is to introduce participants to different paradigms of and tools for Christian proclamation. Through a combination of biblical reflections, scriptural exposition and discussion, participants will engage in various aspects of proclaiming the Gospel. In sum, the class will explore how to communicate God’s message beginning with the inner grace of personal understanding and obedience leading toward outward communication of God’s truth.