9:00 a.m.

This service has the largest attendance, and a significant number of our families choose to worship at this time. While still reverent and worshipful, this earlier service feels somewhat more relaxed.

11:15 a.m.

This service is often called the “smells and bells” service because of the addition of incense. The use of incense in worship goes back to the Old Testament (Exodus 30:34-36) and is traditionally used as a symbol of the breadth and mystery of God, and the prayers of God’s people ascending to the heavens (Psalm 141:2). While the atmosphere at this service is slightly more formal, there is still the joyful fellowship and worship that characterizes all of our services.

5:00 p.m

This service contains the same liturgy as our morning services, with the same sermon, prayers, and Holy Communion, but the music is led by a worship ensemble instead of an organ and choir, and is comprised of the best of both traditional hymns and contemporary worship music. This is our most relaxed and casual service, and serves as a great introduction to Anglicanism and the liturgy.


12:10 pm

This service is a quiet, beautiful service that provides a mid-week break from our busy lives and the opportunity to intercede for the sick among us. Those who wish to receive healing may receive the Unction of the Sick, which includes an anointing with Holy Oil by which “God’s grace is given for the healing of spirit, mind, and body” (BCP 861). Come worship and experience the glory of God through this magnificent liturgy. You may find yourself looking forward to Wednesdays in a whole new way!