Adult Sunday School

January 20–May 19 | 10:20-11:05am

During the spring semester, Adult Sunday School will focus on the Gospel of Luke. Each Sunday, we will look at 2-3 episodes in the Gospel narrative pausing to think about what each says about Jesus and about discipleship.

Grounded in the Gospel

February 3–March 24 | 6:30–8:00pm

This class provides an introduction to the official catechism of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) and, thus, to its official teaching. To Be A Christian: An Anglican Catechism focuses on the Apostles’ Creed, The Lord’s Prayer, and The Ten Commandments (what a Christian should believe, how a Christian should pray and how a Christian should live). The ACNA considers knowledge of these things essential to discipleship. 

Grounded in the Gospel is required for membership but is open to everyone. For other membership classes, click HERE.

Grassroots Apologetics for Parents (GAP)

January 27–March 31 | 6:00–7:30pm

GAP is a Bible-centered ministry that works with churches to equip parents with an understanding of worldview and apologetics (an ability to give a defense of the faith). This class continues training which began in the fall of 2018, although the fall class is not a prerequisite. Parents will be provided with the techniques and knowledge that they need to have effective conversations with their children about Christianity. The purpose of this class is to close the GAP that exists for parents between the challenges posed by the world and knowing what to do about them. The textbook for this class is Talking to Your Kids About God: 30 Conversations Every Christian Parent Must Have and can be purchased in St. Peter’s Bookstore.