Adult Sunday School

August 19–December 16 | 10:20-11:05am

Adult Sunday School will continue to focus on the Gospel of Luke. Each Sunday we will carefully consider 2-3 episodes of the Gospel while thinking about what each says about the identity and mission of Jesus and about what it means to be a disciple.

Grounded in the Gospel

September 23–November 11 | 6:30–8:00pm

This class provides an in-depth look at the official catechism of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). This catechism focuses on the Apostles Creed (Christian faith), the Lord’s Prayer (Christian prayer) and the Ten Commandments (Christian life). The ACNA considers these to constitute the essential foundation of discipleship. 

Grounded in the Gospel is required for membership but is open to everyone. For other membership classes, click HERE.

Grassroots Apologetics for Parents (GAP)

September 9–November 18 | 6:00–7:30pm

GAP is a Bible-centered ministry that works with churches to come alongside and equip parents with an understanding of worldview and apologetics (‘a reasoned argument’ or ‘ability to give a defense’.) The material is a broad “Apologetics 101” written for parents. It covers 40 of the most important challenges facing Christian kids in this post-Christian culture. This study should help to close the “GAP” that exists for parents between knowing the world will challenge their kids’ faith and knowing what to do about it. The class will use Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side: 40 Conversations to Help Them Build a Lasting Faith, by Natasha Crain, which will be available for purchase in St. Peter’s Bookstore.