Building Future Generations

This campaign will provide space for various classroom types and sizes for children and teens, offer us more flexibility in our types of curriculum, allow for more indoor and outdoor recreational space, and triple our overall space for children and youth ministries. 

Building the mission of the church

The addition of a chapel, classrooms for adults and youth, larger gathering spaces, and more accomodating kitchens and facilities will allow us to advance our most basic commitments to sacramental worship, biblical discipleship, compassionate outreach, and joyful community. 

Building an oasis for our city

The More than Stones Campaign will allow us to have more open and hospitable space, multiple gardens, a coffee house, playgrounds, and other communal elements that will allow St. Peter's to be a joyous, vibrant spiritual oasis for our whole city.

building the Anglican Chruch

As a Pro-Cathedral in the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA), St. Peter’s is the largest church in our diocese and an influence in shaping the future of the Anglican Church. This campaign aims to grow our ability to host conferences and retreats, and provide overall support for clergy and seminarians.

Q & A

What are we building, and where? 

The More than Stones Campaign is directed towards the construction of a new Parish House that will be positioned on the Mann property, south of the church. 

How will the Parish House be used? 

The new Parish House will include a large parish hall/conference space with an overflow patio, a chapel, a youth space, bookstore/coffee shop, and a kitchen.

How big will the Parish Hall be? 

The parish hall is expected to quadruple the size of our current space, allowing 400+ people at a time for Sunday events, conferences, receptions, and other large gatherings.

How accurate are these drawings?

Given that we are early in the process, these drawings are tentative and will change, particularly with respect to color and materials. 

Why will the building be south of the church? 

While the initial plan was to build the Parish House on the north lawn, the southern property allows us to be more cost-effective and accomodates a larger building. 

Why are we building a larger bookstore?

The new bookstore will be larger and combined with a coffee shop that is open throughout the week to the broader Tallahassee community. This is central to our mission of being a spiritual oasis to the city, where all are welcome to experience the hospitality, joy, and peace of God's church. 

How will this building compare to the church? 

The architectural style of the Parish House will reflect many of the same gothic features of the church, without competing with the beauty and majesty of the main church building. 

Why is this a need right now? 

Once we have pledged our goal, we can begin the long (2-3 year) process required to build a new building. St. Peter's is large today, and has already overgrown its space. By God's grace, we'll be in even greater need of space by 2019!