Forgiveness and Living the Life of Faith - Part 4

by Jason White

I discussed in my previous blogs forgiveness of others along with forgiveness of oneself. Until a person learns to forgive oneself, the act of forgiving others is nearly impossible. How a person feels about himself / herself, will directly affect how that person interacts with and treats other people. The Lord mentions this in his greatest commandment to us in Matthew 22:39. He says you should “love your neighbor as yourself.” He did not say love your neighbor as you do your wife or husband. He didn’t say love your neighbor as you do your favorite football team. He specifically said to love your neighbor as you love yourself. If I’m constantly living in regret, and linger in my mistakes, that will be directly reflected in my relationships with others. It cannot be a happy way to live. To constantly be facing regret and anger is not a healthy way to exist. I mentioned in the Day 2 blog, when I have unreachable expectations, or high levels of impatience, it will be directly reflected in how I treat others. The same is said if I do not have love for myself. For me to truly be happy with the ones around me and my world, I must first look in the mirror. I must know that I am a child of God, and though I make mistakes, I am forgiven and loved by God. That will be a direct influence in how I view the world around me and how I treat others in this journey with me.