Cultivating a Forgiving Spirit - Part 5

Cultivating a Forgiving Spirit - Becoming a Peacemaker, pt. 2

by Lucille Palmer

What Jesus’ resurrection began will find its completion in His new creation for our future. Only God can make all things new within us. Only God will bring peace within us so that we may be able to show His vision of peace to those around us. Sam Storm writes:

There will be nothing that is abrasive, irritating, agitating, or hurtful. Nothing harmful, hateful, upsetting, or unkind. Nothing sad, bad, or mad. Nothing harsh, impatient, ungrateful, or unworthy. Nothing weak, or sick, or broken, or foolish. Nothing deformed, degenerate, depraved, or disgusting. Nothing polluted, pathetic, poor, or putrid. Nothing dark, dismal, dismaying, or degrading. Nothing blameworthy, blemished, blasphemous, or blighted. Nothing faulty, faithless, frail, or fading. Nothing grotesque or grievous, hideous, or insidious. Nothing illicit or illegal, lascivious or lustful. Nothing marred or mutilated, misaligned, or misinformed. Nothing nasty or naughty, offensive or odious. Nothing rancid or rude, soiled or spoiled. Nothing tawdry or tainted, tasteless or tempting. Nothing vile or vicious, wasteful or wanton! Wherever you turn your eyes you will see nothing but glory and grandeur and beauty and brightness and purity and perfection and splendor and satisfaction and sweetness and salvation and majesty and marvel and holiness and happiness. We will see only and all that is adorable and affectionate, beautiful and bright, brilliant and bountiful, delightful and delicious, delectable and dazzling, elegant and exciting, fascinating and fruitful, glorious and grand, gracious and good, happy and holy, healthy and whole, joyful and jubilant, lovely and luscious, majestic and marvelous, opulent and overwhelming, radiant and resplendent, splendid and sublime, sweet and savoring, tender and tasteful, euphoric and unified! Why will be all of these things? Because we will be looking at God.”

- Sam Storms, One Thing: Developing a Passion for the Beauty of God
(Ross-shire, Scotland: Christian Focus, 2004), 178-179.  

God commands me to keep my focus on Him and turn away from the pettiness of the secular world. Revelation 21:4 describes God’s promise of peace and restoration.

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away. 

This is what complete reconciliation and restoration can look like if we begin shine God’s love, grace, and goodness with others. This may take time. But one thing is certain, if you belong to Jesus, invite Him into your life to use you as His instrument of peace.