Cultivating a Forgiving Spirit - Part 4

Cultivating a Forgiving Spirit - What if we don’t?

by Lucille Palmer

What happens if we have an unforgiving spirit? Hardness of heart, anxiety, worry about the future, self-deceit, unrealistic expectations of others, loneliness, and emptiness are some of consequences of an unforgiving spirit. Maintaining an unforgiving spirit allows my own pain to fester and grow blocking any opportunity to help others see God’s vision for a better future. My own chronic feelings of anger and resentment can grow over time and can turn into shame and guilt which will surely lead me to be tempted by Satan and Satan’s “glittering vices”. Remaining in this darkness will imprison me in my own feelings of self-righteousness indignation and rationalizations regarding my own sinful nature. I will be blind to God’s vision for a peaceful future.

 Psalm 40:12

Problems for too big for me to solve are piled higher than my head. Meanwhile my sins, too many to count, have all caught up with me and I am ashamed to look up.