A Basis For Forgiveness - Part 3

by Robbie Sanderson

Yesterday, the definition of forgiveness was given.  It has weighed heavy on me, as it no doubt has weighed heavy on all of you.  It is no easy task, which should be clear by this point.  It requires a transformation of the heart.  To achieve a perfect and unshakable understanding of forgiveness, one must also undergo a transformation of the spirit and soul.  Before all of you run away from this challenge, know first that complete transformation will not be attained in this life.  In fact, we may not get it until the consummation of history.  In the meantime, we should not grow anxious about getting it perfect.  It is impossible, but it does not hurt to delve as deep as we can go.  Before we can, we must get the definition of transformation.  According to Merriam-Webster, transformation is, “The change in composition or structure.”  Powerful, huh? 

Again, before we can ever begin to grasp the concept of forgiveness, whether it is in our everyday lives or when it comes to understanding God’s nature, we must first undergo the change in composition or structure.  The change in composition or structure of our beliefs.  The change in composition or structure of our hearts.  The change in composition or structure of every aspect of our lives.  It takes time, and again, it will not be fully attained in this life, but with God as our help, we can start this race.  Pray this day that, if he has not already, God will begin this transformation in you, so that you can readily accept the forgiveness bestowed on you, and likewise, become a more forgiving person.