Ultimately, our spiritual formation is due to the transforming grace of God and the power of His Spirit at work in our lives. But that doesn’t mean that the role of a disciple is to merely wait on God to “do something”.  Instead, a disciple of Christ follows Christ. We do this by pursuing a deeper understanding of Him, fostering a deeper relationship with Him, and imitating Him in the way we practically live out our lives. Through all of these things, Christ begins to shape and mold us in His image - a process we call formation

Formation avenues at St. Peter’s are avenues meant for this sort of personal growth. Many of them are formal opportunities like classes and conferences, while others are more informal gatherings like Disciple Groups and practical workshops. Regardless of type, the prayer is that formation avenues at St. Peter’s will provide a place for all of us to follow Christ and be personally formed in His image.