Between our workplaces, neighborhoods, schools, social media, and all of our extracurricular engagements, the world offers plenty of opportunities for “community”. But the Church offers community of a different sort. Christian community is not based on shared interest, compatible personalities, or common goals - it is centered on our shared identity in Christ. 

If we commit ourselves to joyful, Christ-centered community, we will find a place that accepts us regardless of our faults and failures, and in doing so helps us more clearly understand Christ’s love for us. We will also find that it challenges us to personal growth, honesty, and self-sacrificial love that will not only change us as a community, but can also change the world.

You’ll find that community avenues at St. Peter’s vary in size, form, age, and gender. Regardless of specifics, everything you find here seeks to be an avenue through which we have an opportunity to grow closer to each other and God at the same time.