We will return to Belize in Spring 2019! Keep an eye out on our website and The Keys for more information! 

Connected via SAMS, we were delighted to learn of David and Mary Beth's Ministry in Belize. The breadth and scope of their work in San Ignacio is impressive and makes one appreciate how God calls and equips each and everyone of us. 

We are excited to see how this partnership continues to evolve, as well as how the church in Belize will continue to grow. 

Scroll down for photos or keep reading for a recap! 

Highlights of our trip:

- Disciple Conference: The Diocese is starting to encourage a discipleship initiative and we were able to jump in and host a small workshop on Discipleship in small groups. The group was engaged and shed light on cultural nuances that will shape how they go about these groups. We're excited for an update! Please keep these leaders in your prayers

- VBS Day at St. Hilda's School: The team was invited to spend some time at St. Hilda's. We came with crafts, games, a skit and some good humor. This time was a whirlwind of 150+ children to our 10 team members, but we had an absolute blast. We are grateful for the teachers who stayed to help with the children!

- Beautification of St. Andrew's, the main church: We all rallied to lay a fresh coat of white paint in the church. The space is brighter, cleaner and gave us an opportunity to meet some lay leaders who stopped by. 

- Worship: We were blessed to attend a few worship services while in Belize. We felt at home at all of the varying services-- such is the gift and consistency of the Anglican tradition. Small cultural nuances reminded us just how vast, diverse and beautiful God's kingdom is, while also reminding us how we all pray the same creed and are one under God's kingdom. What a blessing!  

- Time getting to know David and Mary Beth: One of the biggest goals of the trip was to get to know the missionaries and their mission field. The tasks listed above were simply a way to make space to do just that. They are a  duo as dynamic as the country they are serving in. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. 


Quick Facts on Belize: 

  • The country is bordered by Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the south and west, and the Caribbean sea to the east.
  • Belize is relatively new in name, having been known as British Honduras until 1981.
  • The Capital is Belmopan.
  • Approximately 1,000 Mayan ruins are scattered throughout Belize.
  • A typical Belizean breakfast consists of creole bread, corn or flour tortilla, cheese, fried beans, eggs, bacon and coffee, tea or milk.
  • Belize is the only Central American country with English as its official language. However, you will hear a variety of Spanish, Creole, and Maya in some greetings:

    Weh di go ahn? (Translation: Hello, what’s up?) Creole
    Bix a bèel? (Translation: How are you?) Maya
    Buenos dias! (Translation: Good Day!) Spanish
    Buiti Binafi! (Translation: Good Morning) Garifuna