Tuesday, March 21

Jesus Begins His Ministry
Mark 1:14-28

Where do you get your news? Wouldn’t it be great if tomorrow’s paper read: “Good news, The Kingdom of God is near! Come be a disciple of Jesus Christ as He shows the world His authority.” This passage from Mark’s Gospel proclaims the ministry of Jesus has begun. Sign me up!! In the small print it reads: “Seeking fishermen and tax collectors and the like.” I am struck that He didn’t choose the Pharisees or Scribes. The ones who easily quote Scripture and surely had well thought out and spiritually grounded answers to questions about God and His Kingdom. Weren’t they the most qualified to spread His Word and the Gospel of our Lord?

As I reflect on this passage, I can’t help but compare myself to these early disci­ples. They gave up everything to follow Jesus and spread the Good News. Many times I receive thanks and praise for the care I provide. There is always a humble smile and “Thank you”, but inside my head there’s an awkward conversation about how to introduce God into this exchange. Silence. Why? Where is the praise and acknowledgment of the Lord? Why am I not taking this opportunity to be a disciple? Am I afraid? Am I not confident in and knowledgeable about my beliefs? Aren’t they based in the Scriptures? How many times have I missed these opportunities?

Stepping Out in Lent – Have you honestly explored what your gifts of disciple­ship are? Maybe this is a time to step out and be a stronger more vocal disciple. Maybe this is a time to give yourself up and be immersed in His teachings so that when the opportunity presents itself you can faithfully proclaim the Good News. Wherever you are, are you taking the next step, growing as a disciple and drawing others closer to the Kingdom of God?

Author – Cal Melton serves as a Verger, and his wife Corrie teaches Sunday School to middle schoolers. Their two sons are Phillip and William.