Tuesday, March 14

The Righteous Shall Live by Faith
Romans 1:16-25

In this scripture, Paul is writing to the believers in Rome. False teachers were twisting his teaching about grace, so Paul was eager to share the true gospel of Christ. It seems odd that Paul would write “I am not ashamed of the gospel” (v.16), but we should remember that he is writing to the Romans who had no special appreciation for the Jews. The Gospel was identified with a poor Jewish carpenter who was put to death by the lowliest form of execution in Roman society. Why put your faith in a crucified Jew?

However, Paul was confident in his message, and he gives reasons for his confi­dence. First, he knew the origin of his message. It came from God and centered in His son, Jesus Christ. Next, Paul knew that power is what Rome boasted of most, and his is the one message that has the power to change men’s lives. Finally, Paul knew that the outcome of the Gospel is salvation through faith in Jesus Christ (v.16).

The remainder of today’s passage explains, in no-holds-barred, detail how man turned from the truth revealed through creation and rejected God (v.25). The lie is that man is his own God and should worship and serve himself and not the Creator. This scripture reminds me of who I was before accepting God’s Gospel and who I am because of Christ’s living in me. Through God’s grace, I exchanged the lie for the truth.

Stepping Out in Lent – As you meditate on this scripture, read aloud verses 18-25, substituting your name for each personal pronoun. This serves as a vivid reminder of our condition before salvation. And even as Christians, we are prone to setting ourselves up as our own god. During this Lenten season, let’s ask God to convict us when we do that, then come to Him in repentance.

Author – Bev Brown and her husband, Matt, joined St. Peter’s in April. She is a former special education teacher. She once made a mission trip to Nicaragua and enjoys serving at Miccosukee Hills and in the Altar Guild.