Tuesday in Holy Week, April 11

Some Greeks Seek Jesus
John 12:20-26

This passage puzzled me because, when some Greeks wanted to visit Jesus, He appears to ignore them. After all, weren’t they just following their interest in knowing more about a fascinating person? Instead, Jesus talks about the fact that “His hour has come” and He talks about dying to self and serving the Father. These Greeks came to worship, and now they want to know more about this amazing man who was honored by crowds as He entered Jerusalem -- this rebel against Jewish authorities, this insightful teacher who attracted thousands, this healer and preacher. In earlier days the gospels report that Jesus tells various people, including His mother, that His hour has not yet come. But now it has. This is it--the pivot in human history. He is about to fulfill His purpose by dying in our place and satisfying the penalty for our sins. There is no more time for Him to show who God is and what God is like. He makes it plain that the Greeks, the disciples, and we, too, must pivot from what seems to us to be meaningful in life. We must die to self in order to know and serve God in ways that please Him. Like these Greeks, we can choose to indulge our own interests, however “good” they may seem; or we can let go and choose each moment to listen to His voice, to obey and enjoy Him above all else. The reward for doing so is eternal life, which is infinitely better than the interests in this life that we leave behind at death. The time has come. We have all the information we need about Him. It is time to follow and serve.

Stepping Out in Lent – As Lent ends this week, reflect on at least one area of your life you haven’t yet released to God’s control. Let go and let Him use you.

Author – Kris Bowers and husband Phil have three children, two daughters-in-law and two grandchildren. Kris teaches math at Tallahassee Community College and co-leads women’s Bible study groups at St. Peter’s.