Tuesday, April 4

Jesus Walks onWater
John 6:16-27

When I’m trying to get from one place to the next or from one day to the next, and a “storm” blows-in, making all kinds of trouble for me, it feels as if all I know is being tossed about without any concern about what damage may result.

My life seems to be much like the boat the disciples rowed across the storm-tossed sea. The ups and downs of this world toss me about, and at times it feels like the little boat that I cling to in this world will overflow, and I will drown in madness and chaos. In the middle of the storm, Jesus comes to me and offers His help. Sometimes, I don’t recognize Our Savior, for He works in ways that are mysterious to me. His offer to help may even scare me because it’s unknown and different. However, after accepting Jesus and letting Him ride in the vessel of my life, my journey and struggles end. He’s brought me to the safety of the shore where I needn’t struggle any longer. Jesus protects my journey through this life, but He also wants to give me life that lasts forever. The food and the stuff of this world will not sustain me; I’ll always need more. Regardless of how much I consume, the emptiness of my soul will never be filled. The only thing that can keep me satiated is Jesus. He offers everlasting life from the Father and desires for us (you and me) to accept His gift.

Stepping Out in Lent – What struggles in this world have left you adrift and unmoored in the chaos of life? Have you asked Jesus to be with you during your struggles?

Author – Richard Lynes is married to Jennifer and shares the joy of raising three beautiful girls, Morgan (8), Madison (6) and Montgomery (3). He is a stay-at-home dad, but also teaches science at Christ Classical Academy. At St. Peter’s, he teaches Sunday School, and volunteers with the Men’s Ministry Council, the Parking Brigade, Ushers, and cooking team for the Men’s Breakfast.