Thursday, March 23

Jesus Heals a Paralytic
Mark 2:1-12

Today’s scripture describes a powerful scene. Jesus is preaching at home in Capernaum. The house is full of people; there is no more room for anyone to come hear Jesus speak. Still, four men carry a paralytic man to be in Jesus’ presence. The men can’t get through the crowd to approach Jesus, so they press forward through faith. They climb onto the roof and make an opening to lower the paralytic man, still on his bed, to Him.

Seeing this faith, Jesus forgives the man’s sins. Further, to show the crowd that the Son of Man has the authority on Earth to forgive sins, He tells the man to pick up his bed and go home, which he does to the crowd’s astonishment.

I’m struck by the faith of the paralytic man and of those who carried him to Jesus. All too often, whether there’s one person too many in the grocery check­out line or a long wait outside of a popular restaurant, we move on to the next convenient solution. Yet, facing a packed house and overwhelming odds, these men did not walk away. Instead, they found a way to Jesus through faith – going to the top of the house and through the roof to see Him.

How often do we shirk extra steps and look for a direct, easier path? Do we expect an immediate audience with Jesus, or do we work on our hearts and faith to meet with Him? Are we deterred from faithfully following His teachings by adverse circumstances in the world, such that we don’t reach out to Him? Are we willing to face trials and troubles to help others get through theirs, thereby getting to know Jesus?

Stepping Out in Lent - Most rewarding things are not easy. God’s grace, mercy, healing, and forgiveness of sins are great rewards. Are we willing to persevere faithfully? Let’s strive to do so this Lent.

Author – Worth Corn has been attending St. Peter’s with his wife, Jennifer, and their son, Benjamin, since Easter 2015. He was confirmed and joined the church in December 2016.