The Fourth Sunday in Lent, March 26

The Authority of the Son
John 5:19-24

This scripture makes me ponder about the influences we, as parents, have on our children. When Jesus says, “For whatever the Father does, the son does likewise” (v. 19), it speaks volumes to me. As our children grow in a world of increasing technology and become adults, they will model the behavior they see. We all get busy with life, phones and social media. Slow down, put the phones on the table, pause, breathe, and listen as to who is really talking to you.

In life, sometimes there will be disappointments or sadness. As a believer, I can see the good in situations even when it’s difficult to see the light. Let me share a personal story. From February to August of last year, God chose to allow me to bear a heavy cross. Yes, He chose that for me. I endured having two family members with illnesses that affected the entire family, news of a close friend’s having cancer, the loss of my best friend’s father to cancer, and having to complete a class and research paper for work, all in the midst of finalizing a divorce. By the Grace of God, this church, and friends, I found strength to plow through the darkness. I want to ensure that as my children grow, they see how to rise past darkness. Literally and metaphorically speaking, if I can teach them to change a light bulb, they will always see the light. My parents modeled that, God showed me that, and Jesus taught me that.

Stepping Out in Lent – Jesus can teach us so much if we are patient: “Whoever hears my word and believes in God will have eternal life” (v. 24). Pause, breathe, and listen. Embrace your path of light. Amen.

Author – Susan Burton is a founding member of St. Peter’s and a single mother with 2 children (Chance, Abigail). Susan serves as a docent, LEM, and Verger, and assists with the Women’s Mini Retreats on the Women’s Ministry Council. Additionally, she is a police officer of 18 years and has coordinated the police security for St. Peter’s since the very first service.