Saturday, April 8

The Words of Eternal Life
John 6:60-71

This passage really makes me think about what it means to truly accept and follow Christ. Some folks decide not to follow and some just watch from afar, not wanting to be made too uncomfortable. Jesus can make you uncomfortable. There’s no other way to say it: the Christian life can be hard. Jesus speaks the truth, holding nothing back.

In this passage, some followers completely turned away from Jesus and His teachings. Sadly, today we see entire churches doing the same thing. Jesus’ way is the opposite of the world’s, and His lessons are difficult. You can feel tempted to turn away, but remember, “. . .the Spirit gives life; the flesh is no help at all” (v. 63) If you are in Christ, the Spirit is alive and moving within you.

I met Christ when I was in my 30’s. After serving on a mission trip in Nicaragua, I couldn’t deny His power to change lives (including my own), or His truth. It’s that truth that is so crucial to our growth and our understanding of what Jesus really wants in our lives. He wants to see the change lived out in our daily lives: work, home, school, etc.

Through worship, prayer, study, and serving, we can get to know Christ better. We should ask God daily to show us how to apply His teachings to our lives. We mustn’t give up as some of Jesus’ early followers did. Nor should we choose to ignore certain teachings. It’s through Christ that all things are possible.

Stepping Out in Lent – During this Lenten season we need to be a little uncomfortable. How can we do more to serve the Kingdom? Christ wants change in our lives.

Author – Jim Flury manages his family’s business, Jim & Milt’s BBQ. Jim and his wife, Christy, have been married for 17 years, and have two sons, Conner (14) and Ben (10). The family serves with the A*rise Ministry in Gretna, Florida, and are also passionate about international missions. They’ve been attending St. Peter’s for over a year. Jim and Christy were confirmed as new members in December.