Monday, March 27

Abraham Justified by Faith
Romans 4:1-12

Today’s scripture reminds us very clearly that we’re justified or “saved” by Faith, not by what we do (works) or even by who we are (circumcision). It’s what we believe that determines our relationship with God.

This scripture is quite meaningful to me because I grew up thinking that good people go to heaven; that Christians teach good morals, and that our behavior dictates how good of a person we are. It’s human nature to judge ourselves with a different standard from the one we use when we judge others, and that’s what I did. I didn’t recognize the sin in my life, only my “good works”. Fortunately, God sent a few good Christian men to surround me and teach me the real gospel.

The real gospel is the Good News. It’s the whole message of the Bible: we’re all sinners in need of a savior. Christ our Savior came to justify or “save” all of us by taking the “just” punishment for our sin. It’s our faith in Christ that justifies us. He justifies those who choose by faith to make Him their Lord and Savior. Before I was a committed Christian, I was fine with Jesus’ being my “savior”, but He wasn’t my Lord. By God’s grace, as Christians, He’s both our Lord and Savior. You can tell who has Him as the Lord of their lives by the way He guides their actions.

Stepping Out in Lent – As we apply this to our daily lives, let’s all remember that, while our actions matter, it’s our faith and who’s Lord of our lives that defines our relationship with God. Let’s focus on pleasing Him as the Lord of the universe, and our actions will work themselves out on their own.

Author – Chuck Lang loves being part of Christ’s family at St. Peter’s. He serves on various men’s committees, teaches 5th grade Sunday school, ushers, and serves in the Kairos prison ministry. He‘s married to his beautiful wife Patty and is the proud father of three growing boys.