Monday in Holy Week, April 10

The Triumphal Entry
John 12:9-19

While reading this passage, two significant thoughts jumped out to me. First, in verse 16 we read that it was after Jesus was raised from the dead and glorified in heaven that the disciples realized that Jesus’ riding on a colt into the city had been foretold in Zechariah. There are other references in Scriptures, like Mark 9:32, where the disciples did not understand the significance of what was happening in the present until much later. In John 14:26 we read that Jesus told the disciples that God would send the Holy Spirit to teach and bring to their remembrance what He had taught them. Much of what has happened in my life I did not plan; yet, when I look back, I am convinced that many determining events were the moving of the Holy Spirit to carry out His will, not mine. What a joy it is, and has been, to have it brought to my mind by the Holy Spirit that these were designed steps in my following Christ, not mere accidents, which have controlled my life.

Second, in verses 17 & 18 we read that many had seen Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead and were talking about it. Telling the story made such an impact that the Pharisees, who were anxious to kill not only Jesus but also Lazarus, gave up and said there was nothing they could do because “the world had gone after Him”. This emphasized to me the importance of telling our stories about our experiences with Christ and the impact it can have on others.

Stepping Out in Lent – This scripture is a call for each of us to be conscious that God calls us to be alert to His leading by the Holy Spirit, to be thankful for the Spirit’s leading even if we are not aware of it at the moment, and to think of ways we can effectively communicate what Jesus Christ has done in our life.

Author – Major Harding was Senior Warden when St. Peter’s was founded in 2005. He and Jane have 3 children, 8 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.