Friday, April 7

I am the Bread of Life (part three)
John 6:52-59

Last year, I experienced two memorable, explicit dreams. Satan appeared first. He asked me to follow him. The next night, God spoke to me. He clearly asked me to make a choice. So, I did. That Sunday, I attended my first church service since I was a small child. God chose St. Peter’s for me.

I was uncomfortable. I didn’t know the Lord’s Prayer, the people, the songs, the clergy, the customs or the logistics. As an adult, I should have known them all. I was embarrassed. I received strange stares as people stumbled around me as I remained in the pew during the Eucharist, but I knew that I couldn’t eat the Lord’s flesh and drink His blood, what today’s devotional is predicated upon, unless I understood the true meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice for us. I felt that I had to earn the right to receive Communion; but how? I signed up for classes.

Evening classes for weeks? Really? I’m busy. I wasn’t looking forward to them; but, I was amazed by the philosophical nature of the teachings. I thoroughly enjoyed each class and anticipated the next. I was on a path to a deeper under­standing, advancing towards my goal of the honor of partaking in the Eucharist, and experiencing its true meaning.

Easter arrived. I was baptized. I stood in front of all of you with my candle of light. As I held back tears, receiving the Eucharist was an event that transformed my life.

Stepping Out in Lent – This Lenten season, may we all receive all the Lord has for us, including the Eucharist, Jesus’ gift to us, in a deeper and more meaningful way. We can never earn what He has for us, but He does give us His grace for all He has for us, if we will only receive it.

Author – Paul Marc, originally from Clearwater, Florida, is the CEO of a software development company, Paul Consulting Group. He is a licensed Coast Guard Captain. He has been married to his wife Terri for 21 years and has a son and a daughter, Cameron and Delaney, respectively.