Easter Day, April 16

On the Road to Emmaus
Luke 24:13-35

Today’s passage recounts the famous “walk to Emmaus” when Jesus accompanied two men who had left Jerusalem following the crucifixion and resurrection of the man they thought would bring glory to the Kingdom. He did not do what they hoped He would do, and now all seemed lost. Jesus does not reveal Himself to them until the very end of His appearance when He offers the blessing before they share a meal.

In this story I am always amazed at the enduring timelessness of the lesson it provides. From time to time we all wonder whether God is listening or not. Are our thoughts and prayers being offered up in vain? Why doesn’t He do what we want Him to do? Then, as now, Jesus walks with us and listens to our “animated heated conversations” which take place during the walk. Just like the two friends, we read scripture and remember what Jesus said, but we are frequently unable to put it all together and understand that He is not only alive but He is with us always.

The walk to Emmaus once again teaches us to have faith and believe in all that the prophets wrote about the Messiah. We need only continue to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest the greatest Book ever written to open our eyes, and the eyes of all men and women, to believe and receive the Word that Jesus Christ is Lord and He is here among us.

Living out Easter – Just as Cleopas and his friend turned around and went back to Jerusalem to share with others their experience with Jesus, we all need to turn around and watch for the ways Jesus reveals Himself to each of us and then go and share those experiences with others.

Author – George Allen and his wife Becky have been married for more than 50 years, and have three children and five grandchildren. George, a member of the vestry and Kairos, is a retired association executive and human resource professional, and Becky is a retired licensed clinical social worker.