building a future in faith

The Apostle Peter was the first of the disciples to step forward and confess Jesus as “Son of the Living God.”   Because of his clear faith Jesus called him Peter, “Rock,” and said He intended to build His Church on this kind of faith. St. Peter’s Church is named for this faithful disciple because it is our desire to establish that kind of clear faith for our children, and for future generations.

We are calling this Capital Campaign, “More Than Stones,” because we are doing so much more than just putting stones together in a building; we are seeking to firmly establish that solid rock of faith we began eleven years ago when we created this parish.  If we are to continue to grow and flourish, we must once again step out in faith to build more classrooms, a large parish hall, and secure additional land for parking and future growth. If we are to nurture the faith of the next generation; and, if we are to create a warm, hospitable place to welcome new people, we must have the infrastructure to do it! Our growth will be stunted, and we will begin to shrink if we do not continue to push forward with the strong momentum God has given us. 

I am asking every person in this parish to be a part of this effort; to continue what we have begun; to expand the strength and vigor of this parish so that it will indeed be a rock of faith that cannot be undone. My family and I look forward to taking hands with you in this effort!

By His Grace,
Eric D. Dudley+ 

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